surface water on garden

danielle kelly asked 15 years ago

I’m living in Riverchapel and our back garden garden have a layer of surface water that stays for days at a time if it rains. We only get sunlight to the very back of our garden which helps with drying it off also the grass is very patchy. It is a 2 year old house and we have no experience of gardening so haven’t a clue what is could be or where to start resolving it.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
A drainage problem can only be solved by giving the water a means of escape, either by flowing away to lower ground or soaking down through the soil.  

Usually an outlet is impossible because it would flood neighbouring gardens. But you could try a soakaway, which is a pit dug in your garden to get water down from the surface.

The problem is probably due to compaction and this is usually a layer below the surface and often it can be breached to allow water to drain away, by making a narrow hole and filling it with stone to within 15cm of the surface and then soil with some coarse sand mixed in. Or dig out a bigger soak-pit.

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