a dying eucalyptus tree

aine ni chonghaile asked 11 years ago

I have two eucalyptus trees, 3 years of age close to one another at the coast but with good shelter. Both doing fine until about a week/ten days ago. One is fine. The other one looks as if it had been hit by weedkiller but no weedkiller was used near it… All the leaves looking lifeless,are drooping down and will fall off soon. It doesn’t have any other signs or symptons I could discribe. Any ideas what might cause it.. Should I cut it back ? how far etc..

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
It is possible that one suffered frost damage tht is only evident now, or else a roo rot of some kind, or the soil is too wet in the spot where the sick one is.

It is a good thing in any case because eucalyptus needs space to grow and should not be close together.

Leave it be and see what happens. Cutting back will not help.