A plant for privacy?

darren clinton asked 13 years ago
Hi GERRY,With Spring in the air, I was out back today getting garden started for Spring.We have a trelis acting as a shade for privacy from next door, however, it has nothing growing up it. We have large, (very large) pots along the wall for plants/trees.My question is, can you recommend anything that is quick growing and quite bushy to act as a shade for privacy. Something like a conifer type plant even… I want to be able to keep the plants in pots so I can prune rather then grow up treslis and so into next garden.Looking for something for the summer.. Thanks Darren

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
For cover and privacy, trees will not grow big enough in large pots and you will have to water them regularly. It is best to get access to the open soil.

But if you want to try this approach, try olearia, abutilon or pittosporum.