Absolute beginner

eavan mc sweeney asked 13 years ago

What would you advise to start planting to get myself up and running as a new gardiner? I have a small back and front garden. south facing.paved in the back with plenty of room for plants on the edge or in pots and all grass in front. I bought and planted sunflower seeds in a pot which are sprouting.Otherwise I have no idea where to start…..any ideas?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Have a look at other gardens for ideas and plant names. Ask expereinced gardeners. Gardeners are very generous with bits of plants too. Buy a couple of basic books and get The Irish Garden every month for tips and what to do each month.

Just start off some plants, and learn as you go along. Use the information sources, including Garden.ie, to answer the questions that arise as you go. Make mistakes and learn by them … great fun!