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mairead` o\’colmain asked 11 years ago

I got a present of a gardenia house plant. How do i care for it? – watering, positioning, room temperature.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Gardenia is tricky enough to grow well.
It is native to warm regions of China and Japan. It needs relatively high temperature year round, not less than 15 Celsius at night, and temperatures in most houses drop below this at night in winter.

It also likes high humidity and the atmosphere of a house can be too dry. Use a pebble tray with water to improve humidity around it. But do not stand the pot in water.

It needs good light, as much as possible in winter, and bright but not direct sunshine in summer. 

Gardenia is an acid-loving plant and feeds for acid-lovers should be used every two weeks from April to August. And lime-free compost used when re-potting.

Watch for signs of red spider mite on indoor plants.