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michael o\’ donoghue asked 13 years ago

hi gerry, i have just rented a new allotment and was wondering how best to prepare the soil for veg and some fruit bushes. it’s brand new and already rotavated size 20m x 6m.when i’ve preped the soil should i leave it for a while or can i start planting immediately. Thanks michael o’ donoghue

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
If the soil is cultivated, it is ready to go and you need only make sure that weeds are controlled. Rotavation will kill weeds if repeated, but this may not be the plan and if there are weeds on the surface, or bits of weeds, as there usually are after rotavation, you need to control them first. If the ground was ploughed and rotavated there will be no weeds.

You can control weeds by hoeing but this is difficult to do if there are bits of grassy sods. You can also use Roundup, even as a once-off to kill the existing weeds and keep the slate celan after that by hoeing.

Depending on the nutritional status of the soil, you may need to apply fertilizer in the form of general fertilizer at up to 100g/square yard. You may need to apply lime if the soil is acidic, below pH 6.5.

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