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anne sheehan asked 13 years ago

I live in a detached house in an estate, and either side of the house (in the back garden), there is a narrow strip of grass which I want to plant up. This area is partly shaded as there are houses on both sides.The area is about 12ft by 1.5ft.In 2007 I gravelled one side and planted some dwaft bamboo, berberis “rosy rocket”, Stipa “bribal veil”,Festuca glauca “Intense Blue”, Verbena and 2 Sedum Variegatum amongst the gravel.But alas these plants have not thrived , in fact 3 of them have died.Have you any suggestions what might be the problem, would alpines work better or outside the back door I thought about stepping the area with sleepers and just some evergreen shrubs.Any ideas please, it is a wasted and unsightly area with the grass strip, even the grass does not grow well!

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
The area is very small and not suitable for shrubs or climbers unless there is a wall for support. If there is, use climbers, such as ivy, climbing hydrangea, clematis and potato vine, or wall plants such as chaenomeles, winter jasmine and even camellia, which likes those conditions of part-shade, trained to the wall.

You could also use border perennials such as bergenia, epimedium, lily-of-the-valley, geranium, hosta, asarum, tolmeia, London pride and liriope.

Alpine need sunshine for the most part but some, such as hepatica, are good in shade.