Asparagus Seedlings

John Cullen asked 11 years ago

I have about 30 healthy Asparagus(Connovers Collosal) seedlings but I don’t have a permanent bed ready for them.The seedlings are now about 10 weeks old.Is it possible to plant them temporarily(possibly but not necessarily until next year),allow the crowns to develop and them plant them on permanently.I suppose the question I am asking is the same as “How do nurseries produce their one year crowns)?303Could I even just pot them on in bigger pots and park them until the bed is ready,hopefully in a month(maybe two) or so or could I even leave them in the small pots for that lenght?44Some of them are in these very small peat pots.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Plant these plants out into open ground wherever possible to grow on. Normally asparagus seed is sown in a nursery bed in open ground and the plants allowed to grow for a year before transplating to permnanent positions. Pot up if you have no ground available.