Ciara O\’Shea asked 12 years ago

I have x2 yellow bamboo trees planted – they are down approx. x5 years and had been doing really well. Up until last year, they had grown to a height of approx. 10 – 12 ft tall, really full and green in summer but last Summer, they barely had any leaves at all. This happened to both trees and I worried that it was a hard frost that did the damage? If it was, I’m now worried that the recent harsh weather has really played havoc! Also, in the same bed I have x2 apple trees – last year there was no fruit at all on them but for the previous 4 years, were full of fruit?I saw your advice re mowing the lawn – ours could really do with a clip but if we have a hardy frost, will this not damage it?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Bamboo is not a tree, not woody … it is a grass. And it flowers every few years and when it does so, the stems that flower die off afterwards and this sounds like what happened to yours. SOm enew shoots may appear at soil level.

The apple tree was a coindcidence, sometimes they have off years due to over-cropping.

Lawns are not significantly affected by frost, only the leaf tips being burned.