bark damage to weeping willow

Tom Cotter asked 13 years ago

Back in May or June my two young dogs managed to strip the bark completely from the trunk of my dwarf weeping willow. The tree is about 10 years old and continues to survive. There are fine healthy buds on the branches at the moment and it kooks fine despite the fact that the trunk is bare. Ia there anything that I can paint onto the trunk that may save it or is it likely to die,sooner or later.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
If tree bark is damaged, it can be immediately wrapped with a strip of polythene. This needs to be done within a day, or even a few hours is best.

This helps to conserve the cambium, which is the slippery layer just beneath the bark, from drying out and dying.

It is possible that this may have survived in sufficient amount to allow the top of the tree to live. But it is too late now to do anything.