Beech hedge failing…aphids

sinead durnin asked 11 years ago

I have aold beech hedge for the last 25 yrs, continuously kept at 5ft. I cut it once a yr. in the last few yrs, there has been poorer and poorer growth and less cutting on it and on the underside of the leaf there are masses of white aphids. I also spray the undergrowth to keep the weeds away. Is the hedge not foing well because i am not letting it grow wild or is it the aphids that are casuing the problem?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Old beech hedges can be badly affected by aphids and you should spray with a garden insecticide, ideally one with a systemic action. It may need to be repeated and then you could feed the hedge with 30g of general fertiliser per metre run of hedge on each side.