best fillling for pots

Alan Stenson asked 15 years ago

I’ve recently cleaned out my pots and am thinking of replanting them. i wonder what compost i should use, multipurpose or a mixture?I plan on planting lilies and crinum. bulbs in general i supposealso do you recommend water retaining gel?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
When growing in pots, the best mixture to use is half good garden soil, unsterilized, and half compost, either bag compost or well rotted old garden compost or leaf mould or peat. To each 10 litres of this, mix in 30 grams of Osmocote or general fertilizer. Good soil and compost needs no water-retaining gel.

This formula suits all kinds of plants in pots … greenhouse, house plants and outdoors. Plants grown in this mix generally avoid vine weevil too, due to natural predators and parasites in the garden soil.