Best Plants for my Balcony

George Forde asked 11 years ago
I live in a duplex apartment. It has a large balcony which is surrounded by a wall of about a meter and a half, so it is protected from the wind. I would like to know what types of plants would look best on my balcony and will survive. Also I would like to have some trees on my balcony, is this feasible ? Are there any trees you would reccomend that dont grow too large ? Also as I am a new home owner my funds are limited so I would be quiet consious of price for all of the above.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
A wall can cause swirling winds, but there are plenty of plants that would suit, such as phormium, hebe, agapanthus and astelia.

If you go to our Plant finder and look up Tolerates strong exposure under the Shelter needs tab you will find lots of possibilities.

Trees of any size are not really a possibility because the root zone is too small but you could use large shrubs such as olearia and griselinia and treat them as trees, pruning away their lower branches to make ‘trunks’.