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Mairin Buckley asked 14 years ago

Blackcurrant bushes are in a bad state with leaves holed and bad colour almost from the start. I bought them at a farmer’s market early in the year and planted them with care. Close by are raspberry bushes which are also showing signs of stress with withered greying leaves already – these are late raspberries. Also in the same patch are strawberry plants which were new this year and leaves started to curl and discolour there also. Many strawberries were mishapen. Am attaching photographs.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Getting late in the season, fruit plant foliage usually looks the worse for wear. The blackcurrant bush is under pressure from grass lawn. Make the grass free area 1 metre in diameter and put on a good mulch of farmyard manure or good garden compost and it will come on well.