eileen kearney asked 16 years ago

I have a well established blackcurrant schrub which has a disease on the leaves. I was told it is “rust” and have started to treat it with a copper treatment which i use every forthnight. My question is, are the fruit safe to eat? long term will it rid the schrub of the disease or will i have to keep spraying every two weeks? i notice just before the two weeks are up the “rust” is showing again. Thanks

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Blackcurrants are affected by rust disease, which is unusual, and by leaf spot which turns the leaves a spotty brown and looks rusty.

The true rust develops on the backs of the leaves and it is not a major problem for the bushes.

Leaf spot weakens the bush by leaf fall and the best solution is to use a modern variety, such as ‘Ben Lomond’, which has resistance. Sprays only protect for a short time.

 It is best not to spray with fruit in place so be careful to follow the packet instructions.