Boston Ivy not taking off

Ciaran asked 11 years ago
I planted boston Ivy rooughly about six to eight weeks ago. I planted a clematis at the same time further away from it. I planted them in the soil, with a trellis support. The area gets some sun and equal amounts of shade. My concern was with the clematis but is growing great but the ivy has had little or no growth since planting, The leaves look fine but any new growth is small and undeveloped. I read this was an aggressive hardy climer but I;m not sure what the problem is. Are there any must do’s or dont;s when it comes to feeding / watering etc. The clematis is far enough away so not to intrude on the growth of the Ivy. Any help would be great.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Plants grow at different rates and some things more time to settle. Make sure new plants from pots are well watered about once a week, as necessary, to keep them going until they root out into the surrounding soil and grow actively.