brambles, orchard?

rachel nuzum asked 15 years ago

Q1: i have cut back and dug up as much of the bramble roots as i can in new fruit patch. If i spray roots with Round up now how soon can I plant raspberry canes? or is it better to snip off as much root as possible?Q2: how do you get new strawberry plants from runners?Q3: luckily have found new space for orchard. Hoping to plant a mixture of apples(6), plums(2), pear(2) and cherry(2)? how much space should there be between each tree? and should all apples , pears etc be planted close or can they be mixed through?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Roundup must be sprayed on the green stems of the brambles and planting can take place right away.

Strawberry runners often take root by themselves, but can be pinned down too.

Spacing Apple trees depends on the vigour of the rootstocks, M27 is very dwarfing, M9 less so and M26 less so again, between 3 and 5 metres apart. Plums and pears need the bigger spacing.

They can be mixed, but are usually kept to their own kind.

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