callistemon seeds

AINE YOUNG asked 11 years ago

I have a very mature calliestemon plant on south facing front wall of house. Possibly 8 feet tall badly hit by frost. No evidence yet of any new growth from base, possibly dead. What should I do, haven’t pruned yet at all. How far back can I go. Have taken seeds off also, know they won’t come true but if can’t rejuvanate original would like to give it a go. Do they need any special condtions to germinate, stratification, temp etc. Any advice on how to prune back and what feed would be most helpful.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Callistemon has been killed in many places and yours is probably dead too.

The seed pods need heat to open them and some species of callistemon germinate better when smoke has passed over them. This is a response to bush fires.

Use very gentle heat to open the pods. The seeds may or may not be viable but worth a try. Use an open compost half seed compost and half vermiculite or coarse clean sand.