Carrot fly and white fleece

Ray Dunford asked 13 years ago

I erected a 60cm white fleece around my carrots to prevent carrot fly. Unfortunately, where the carrot bed is situated, the white fleece is a bit of an eyesore. Ignoring the fleece, I have a timber wall surrounding my carrots (as a result of a raised bed) about 6” high which obviously won’t prevent carrot fly. To keep the peace in my house, I want to lay the fleece on to top of the carrots supported by the wooden sides. In other words, my carrot bed will be surrounded by 6” high walls of wood with the fleece forming a roof over the carrots. I’m assuming that the fleece will still keep the carrot fly out but my concern is that the fleece will block out needed sunlight. It’s normal white semi-transparent fleece one buys in a gardening shop etc. What do you think? Rgds

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Fleece fence is good way of controlling carrot root flies, effectively by separating them from the carrots. How you achieve this does not hugely matter, but fleece over the top of carrots can be too warm in summer. It is used in spring to speed up carrot growth but usually taken off when the weather warms up.

Plant a row of sweet peas or sweet corn to block the view of the fleece fence.