Clematis Cartmanii dying?

Fiona Critchley-Smyth asked 11 years ago

My clematis cartmanii (avalanche) got greenfly & what looked like blackfly. But they only seem to be on the new growth which happened over Christmas, we brought it indoors during the bad weather for a week & it grew uncontrollably.I sprayed it with suddy water, which didn’t work. I bought a spray & used that, I’m waiting to see if it will work.Unfortunately the leaves on clematis are wilting, going black on the edges & the leaves are dying. It’s in a pot so I hope it’s not clematis wilt. On the instructions it says pruning is not recommended, should I cut off the new growth (which is around 2ft) in the hope to save it? I’d appreciate any help.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Clematis cartmannii is not entirely hardy and it may have got some damage after it was put outside, having been made soft by being indoors. The greenfly would have weakened it too and there might well be some spray damage, Even soapy water can cause this to soft growth.