climbing rose

ann kennedy asked 12 years ago

A person who has moved into her new home seems to have more than enough climbing rose, and alot of it is literally hanging down on the ground away from the does one take cuttings, i would like to use some to start it on a makeshift pergola, i am a complete beginner in all this! there is green growth and a rose hip or two on it now.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
You can take cuttings of roses most successfully about flowering time, using the shoots that hav ejust flowered.

Take off the top and trim the bottom below a bud, leaving about pencil length, then place in a pot of 2 parts peat; one part coarse sand or vermiculite.

Cover tightly with  a plastic bag and into a bright place but no direct sunshine until new growth appears and roots at the bottom and take off the plastic. Pot on in autumn or following spring.