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Denise Bartley asked 10 years ago

Just wondering if you can tell me how to go about reseeding my lawn. It’s completely neglected. It hadn’t been cut in over a year and half. I have strimmed it last night, but it’s very uneven. Clumps of grass growing in places, there seems to be cherry blossoms springing up in the lawn. Do I kill off the existing grass/weeds with Round Up? Then use a rotavator to loosen the soil? Then sow the seeds?? Sorry I’m new to gardening!

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
If the soil is even, then you need only cut the grass with a strimmer and then feed and  mow regualrly and some sort of lawn will emerge.

If the soil is bumpy you may need to cultivate to level it. See more at: