Could this be honey fungus?

Kathy Hall asked 12 years ago

A year ago I had lots of evergreen trees cut down at the back of the garden, one metre high stumps now remaining. I notice many many yellowish mushrooms all over various parts of the lawn and especially surrounding the jacquemonti birches. I’m very worried it is honey fungus as one of the tree trunks is full of fungi.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
While honey fungus has got honey coloured mushrooms, there are other kinds that are yellow or light brown in colour.

Honey fungus mushrooms do not generally appear until a tree has been affected for some time and usually in a close bunch near the stump.

Even if it is honey fungus, there is no treatement or cultural technique you can use to stop it. But the chances are that these fungi are simply breaking down the rotting roots and will not cause any harm.