Crops to follow runner beans

Dara Murphy asked 12 years ago

I grow on a balcony and am growing “Hestia” dwarf runner beans, as well as sweet peas in containers. Being members of the legume family, they will leave the soil enriched with nitrogen when they are finished in late summer/autumn. My question is how I can harness this enriched soil to grow plants in these same containers that will ideally give me some winter interest, either ornamental or preferably as food. As I have limited space, I would prefer something I can sow direct in late summer or autumn. The balcony is sheltered and gets about 4 hours of good afternoon sun in the summer and less in winter.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
There will be some increase in nitrogen but in a pot most of that will wash out with watering. But you could plant spring cabbage in September, either buying plants or sowing seeds in last week of July.