cutting back lavender

matraschka kyscheia asked 13 years ago

Can I cut back lavender plants now? I want to move them to a new bed, and can i cut back aqualeigas? as they are huge this is their first year down and can i move them also? my climbing hydrangeas are in full bud will i bring them in to the shed for winter they are in large pots? whats the best way to store dahlias and gladi i have just taken up .

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Lavender should be trimmed just after flowering. It does not transplant very successfully as a mature plant and you would be better to start with some new plants.

Aquilegia is perennial and can be cut down and moved.

Hydrangeas are outdoor year round.

Dahlias and gladiolus should be kept in a frost-free shed in trays with some almost dry compost.