Cutting lilies after flowering?

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Ilsa Thielan asked 8 years ago

A friend told me she wanted to tidy her garden and cut her lilies down as they looked very uglyafter flowering. Now she is worried that it might have been wrong and would damage the plants. As I have no lilies myself I could not answer her. The lilies are the ones with leafs directly on the flower stem.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Taking off any developing seed-heads, unless you want seeds, is okay because it re-directs the growth into the bulb, cutting down stems would reduce growth and the ability of the bulb to set flower buds for the following year. So let the foliage turn yellow or wither before it is removed.

She could grow her lilies in pots, place them for the flowering period and move them elsewhere to recover afterwards.