Discoloured rose tree leaves.

saldaisy asked 15 years ago
I planted patio roses in my garden last year. There are lots of rose-buds on the top ready to open now. However the bottom branches are discoloured and not looking too healthy. I water regularly. Can you over-water, by chance?Is it possible that these small patio roses don’t do too well when planted in the garden?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
Patio roses can be fine in the open soil. There are two main possibilities:

one is the possibility of weedkiller spalshing up on the lower leaves due to watering

if weedkiller was not used, the chances are that this is blackspot disease, which tends to affect the lower branches and too much watering would encourage the disease.

More on blackspot at: https://gardenie.wpengine.com/gerrycategory/rose-blackspot/?id=5728