Disease on Plum Tree

Stasia Rooney asked 16 years ago

My Plum Tree seems to have some sort of disease, towards the end of July, there seemed to be a lot of flies and wasps on the leaves, now all the leaves have little holes in them, the fruit have slits on them and there are flies and wasps eating them. Overall the tree looks unhealthy with the leaves wilting now.Also the beech hedge seem to be full of little white flies, and some leaves looked very black and dead now. What can I do.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
It is likely that the wasps and flies were there to pick up the honeydew secreted by greenflies, which ave since departed. The holes in the leaves are probably due to brown rot fungus.

The plum fruits have split due to too much rain.

The beech hedges may have beech aphid, a form of greenfly, not damaging except when present in large numbers.