Douglas fir trees appear to be dying.

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Micheál Burke asked 11 years ago

For some years Fir trees in my garden (Dark Green Pines) and had brown areas and areas of no growth. Have cleared back a lot of this part of garden to give more light to these trees however it now appears that I have lost more growth on the trees. About 70% of the tree is now brown and has no green pines whatsoever. Is this tree unfortunatley dying in your opinion? I can supply photos if this would help.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Trees can die due to diseases and changes in water table, mainly. There are root rots diseases such as Fomes and honey fungus that can slow kill trees and a raised water table, due to blocked drains, can cause the roots to die for lack of air.

There is little can be done with mature trees, except if a raised water table is suspected, when the re-opening of drains can save them.