Electric propagator

Angela Aylward asked 14 years ago

I have 2 top 10 electric propagators which I tried to medium success last year, I want to use just one this year but need to know when is it ok to remove a tray from it after germinating, a lot of stuff bolted last year which I want to avoid, but I can replace a tray with the spare 10 I have in order to utilize it completely. There is only very basic instructions with them.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
A propagator is really only used to get seeds started. Most kinds need a higher temperature for germination and this can be reduced when the sprout, either by turning off power or by taking the trays out. This can be done as soon as the seeds are up a few days and they can be pricked out into celltrays or pots when the seed leaves have expanded.

If the light levels are not good, seedlings get drawn up. You could move them to the one that you are not using in better light.