eucalyptus tree

COLM O\’DOHERTY asked 12 years ago

When this tree was 24 ins in circumference(trunk) I cut it down c.5 years ago. 7 smaller branches have grown back and are c.30 ft. high. The tree is 12 feet from front wall of the house..1) you think the tree could pose a problem to house foundations? 2) Is it possible to take a cutting of the tree and keep it in a pot?…..I ask you this assuming that I will have to fell the tree.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Eucalyptus grows fast in our wet climate and it is not a stable tree, as it has soft wood.

It is too close to the house for safety and will lose stems at some stage. It should not be planted within about 15 metres or more.

You should take it down and paint the cut stump with undiluted Roundup to prevent re-growth, or you can allow a mass of re-growth, and treat it as a bush cust back to base every two years.

It does not grow from cuttings.