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Mary Fahy asked 13 years ago
I’m preparing a permanent planting area on a windy site on heavy clay soil. I intend to cover it with membrane and gravel. The backbone will be hebes, red robin, hawthorn, broom, and a crab apple tree. I’d love to plant permanent fruit, veg or nut trees. Do you have any advice for me on what you think would survive there? It also needs to look good as its at the front of my house.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Membrane and gravel is sometimes used to prevent weeds but. longterm, leaves fall on it and weeds grow on top. So while it can be useful, it can also be messy. Weeds around young trees and shrubs in a small area can be controlled by timely hoeing, or by spraying over a larger area with Roundup.

Any mulch on heavy land tends to make the soil more wet as it does not dry well, and this can affect the growth of woody plants.

The choice of trees and shrubs is a matter of personal preference and the space available you should look at the Plant finder for more information:

Fruit trees should have some shelter, ideally, to protect the blossoms and it might be best to wait until some other trees have grown. Heavy ground does not suit fruit trees very well and you might have to plant on mounds of soil, about 25cm high at the centre, about 1.5 metres wide, and tapering off.