Extra hardy Fuchsia

Michael Glynn asked 7 years ago
Some years ago when I moved house, I didn’t have sufficient protected space for my half hardy Fuchsia collection. So, I planted some of them out in the garden. Many survived the first few mildish winters, but only this specimen came through the savage winter of 2010 when my garden plummeted to an all-time record low of -17 degrees celcius with three weeks of permafrost. And just to confirm its hardiness it came through -10 the following year. It has been in the ground now for ten years and enjoys no more favourable microclimatic conditions than any of the other varieties that died. It makes a bush of 4-5 feet tall every summer with a light pruning in spring and is festooned with thousands of flowers from June to October. I can find no other hardy variety like it in the catalogues. Would commercial growers have an interest in it? It seems such a shame that I would be the only one to enjoy it.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
It looks like a form of Fuchsia x magellanica, but try the Fuchsia Society that is affiliated to Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland at www, RHSI.ie.