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Helen Dineen asked 13 years ago

Two yrs ago we cut away some of our lawn and made a large area for shrubs and flowers which we covered with bark.Now parts of it are waterlogged.I think the bark was a bad idea.What can I do as I would like to set some bulbs for spring. Regards, newdawn How deep are Alder roots and do they spread, as we have some pipework buried and I am not 100% sure of its location with regard to the proposed place for the Alders?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Bark mulch can help to keep a wet soil area wetter than it would otherwise be as it reduces evaporation but remember it will rot away in about two years. Loosen the soil with a digging fork to allow some air in.

Bulbs generally rot in wet soil, so do not plnat into wet ground. If you find it difficult to find well-drained areas, you mound up the soil in places to provide some well-drained rooting space for the bulbs.