Fragrant bushes for septic tank

norman warden asked 11 years ago
I need some good smelling fragrant bushes or trees. I want to surround our septic tank area with good smelling bushes and trees to counter the smell of the tank, preferably ones that can cope with the strong westerly wind here on the coast

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
While there are trees and shrubs that are fragrant, the scent is only there when they are flowering, although some have scented foliage close too or when crushed.

The scent will simply blow away on the wind and will not solve the problem.

Trees and shrubs should not be planted over the percolation zone of a septic tank as the roots can cause blockages.

The problem with the tank has to be solved separately. Trees and shrubs cannot provide a solution.