funny looking moss on pear trees

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Shereen McMahon asked 11 years ago

I recently bought a house that has a mature gardens and it has 2/3 pears trees, I never took much notice of them but I saw last night that there is a few pears growing on them. When i looked closer I noticed that all/if not most of the leaves have got brown spots on them. Is this normal for this time of yr or have the trees become diseased. There is moss growing on the tree and branches but being an old garden most of the trees have it so I didn’t think it was anything abnormal. There is also another moss like plant growing on them, it look for all the world like cigerette ash for far way and just flakes off when u pull at it. Shoud I try and treat the trees or is this normal? some branches have died and im worried this moss is destroying it. I have also noticed it on some of the smaller apple trees as well. If i do need rid what type of product would I treat the trees with. I really hate the idea of the trees dying

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The moss and lichen do no harm to old trees. But the spots on leaves and possibly fruit might show pear scab disease, which weakens the trees and can be sprayed for with any product containing myclobutanil as active ingredient.

Spray in April, May and June, if possible, but they will probably survive anyway. Pear trees are long-lived.