Garden full of weeds – where to start

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Paul O\’Flaherty asked 13 years ago

I’ve spent a lot of money on weed killers over the years but none have had the effect of killing the many different weeds in my garden – I’m thinking of digging up the garden, do i dig out the soil as in put it in a skip and put say compost on top of whats remaining and start from scratch – i havn’t got a clue really. Thanks Paul

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Existing weeds can be killed with Roundup, but keep it off plants. This does not kill weed seeds in the soil and these will sprout. The best solution to these is to hoe them out when still small, not more than 5cm tall.

Removing the soil etc is a complete waste of time, effort and expense as it will not solve the problem. The key to successful weed control is timing … hoe when small and never allow the weeds to go to seed.

‘One year’s seeding is nine years’ weeding!’