Glasshouse Sweet Peppers

Celine Doran asked 15 years ago

I have some pepper plants growing in my glasshouse which I cultivated from seed. I sowed them in the glasshouse in early June. The plants are thriving but there is no sign of any fruit yet. When can I expect the fruit to appear or can I do anything to encourage fruit

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
June is very late for seed sowing of peppers, and even planting out of established plants in June is quite late, though not disastrously so. There is still time.

You need flowers to form first, and set, and then the fruit comes quite quickly.

It may be that you are getting flowers but these ae not setting, either due to rapid growth or lack of pollination, or both. Taps the plants each day to release pollen.