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Yvonne Long asked 12 years ago
My heather bed (spring heathers) has been badly neglected and is overcome with grass growing right up through it. Some of the heathers have gone woody and brittle. Can I save them at this stage and how do i keep the grass out of it.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 5 years ago
Sometimes heather areas get neglected past the point of rescue. You can try to contol grass by rubbing a damp cloth, using rubber gloves, over the grass leaves.

The damp cloth, not dripping wet, is moistened in a solution of Roundup. You do not have to dampen every grass leaf but return about two weeks later to check none were missed.

Do not allow the Roundup ot drip onto the heathers.

If yoiu get the grass cleared up spread a 3 to 5cm layer compost over the woodier parts of the heathers to enocurage new growth.