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kate sheridan asked 10 years ago

Our grass was full of moss so we aerated and scarified our lawn. Our local garden centre advised us to put down horticultural sand and plant grass seed. We have done this and kept the lawn well watered but it is now two weeks on and there is no sign of new grass. Has the grass died in the warm weather? What do we do next? (The grass husks look empty or at the very least there is no sign of germination)

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
It is generally not a good idea to water grass seed as it tends to disturb and can do as much harm as good.

Grass seed generally succeeds when rain comes, but if not, it is a simple matter to scatter some new grass seed.

If there is absolutely no germination, there is a very outside possibility that the grass seed was dead to start with. A test of a few seeds (if you still have any in the packet) on damp tissue in a jamjar with perforated lid would be a suitable test.