growing grapes

sabina butler asked 13 years ago

I got a black seedless grape and have it in the glass house,it has what looks like tiny grapes but now seems to be growing little shoots from the grape and are just falling off, i have it in a container as the floor is cement,do they need plenty of room for the roots?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
The first rounded shapes you saw were flower buds. These opened and they consist of a tiny berry, the grape, and its attendant stamens, the male part of the flower, which produce pollen, and whic you thought were grwoing from berries. The stamens are shed. 

The grapes will develop if the soil conditions are right and the plant is healthy.

A grapevine can be grown in a pot of reasonable size, as long as it is watered enough to keep it moist and liquid-fed with tomato food everry two weeks. 

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