horse chestnut cutting

Sinead Cahill asked 13 years ago

Hello Gerry,I planted a cutting from a chestnut tree some years ago, and it has not grown at all. The tree produces lovely, healthy leaves during the summer, but has not grown an inch since planting. Our soil is neutral, veering slightly towards limey, and the tree has got plenty of watering since planting. It doesn’t seem to be under attack from pests, rabbits, etc. and I am at a loss as to why it won’t grow. It is about one foot in height.I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Horse chestnut is nearly impossible to grow from a cutting and you have done extremely well to have do anything other than wither and die.

It sounds like it has made some roots but not enough to take off, which it might or might not. Wait and see.