Housing Estate green area

TERESA DALY asked 6 years ago
I have moved into a small housing estate, with fairly large green area. We have formed a residents association and we are looking for advice on the type of shrubs or trees to plant in the estate. Each house has a small green area beside the footpath. We would like to put small trees or shrubs here, and maybe some trees in the larger areas.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
Start by looking to see which trees have succeeded in the area. Try to plant native trees, such as rowan, or alt least closely allied trees.

But do not choose anything too gaudy garden trees, these are not for public space. Good choices might include, site unseen: rowan, Pyrus ‘Chanticleer’, hawthorn, and white beam.

Use just a few kinds and repeat them aorund the estate to create a unified look.