how to replace a bramble hedge

annemarie mcenerney asked 12 years ago

I set a red robin hedge 3 years ago to block an unsightly bramble hedge. I now intend to kill off the bramble it needs constant pruning to stop it growing through my hedge. My problem is what to replace it with. It is on a very steep bank with a drop off at one point of 8ft. It varies in width from 4-7 ft and runs along a series of fencing belonging to the estate beside me. I am looking for a solution that will be hassle free please

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Kill off the brambles by cutting back and spraying with Roundup, either the newly cut stems or the re-growth or both. It might need to be repeated on any re-growth.

You could also simply spray without cutting back, which is easier, but you will have dead brambles for a time.

Then allow the Photinia ‘Red Robin’ to fill the space. Anything else you plant is going to also compete. Feed the photinia to speed its growth.