Indoor Cheese plant

Teresa Lennon asked 13 years ago

I have a beautiful Cheese plant approx 4ft high and for the past few years grew leaves every day – it was so healthy. It is in a bright room, no direct sun but nicely warm and this week it has lost approx 4 leaves each day. Should I withhold water (its quite dry). Also have some Ficus that supposedly like water, should I stop for the winter. They are very healthy and in a nice bright room and nicely warm.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
If you have aq plant that has grown well for some years, and is now in trouble, you have to think what change of care you have made. Or what might have happened that caused it to do badly.

This could be a change of position, feeding, light or wafering.

It should not be too dry but not wet either, just barely moist, even slightly dry on the surface of the compost. No feeding until April and only if it perks up in the meantime.