Infestation in polytunnels

Padraig Griffin asked 11 years ago

I already have a good veg garden and am considering a polytunnel for tomatoes, melons, pepers, strawberries etc I was going to construct 9 inch raised beds within the tunnel, will the soil need changing every so often due to infestation or would I be better off to have a gravel area and do some stuff in pots. I have read about this infestation, is it really a problem or does it only effect some plants.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 3 years ago
The infestation you are probably referring to is tomato corky root rot disease, which was quite common though less so nowadays. However, if you raise your own plants from seed, you are unlikely to get it.

In the home garden situation, there is hardly ever any need to take out or change soil.

If you set up a polytunnel, simply dig in plenty of organic material to the exisiting top-soil, Lay a path of paving slabs for access. There is no need to raise beds, which tend to dry out, and growing in pots is even more onerous in terms of watering.