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michael o\’ donoghue asked 13 years ago

On some of my potatoes the flower has developed into what looks like a green seed ball. does this mean i have to dig them up immediately, can i use the seeds for sowing and lastly what is the best way of storing potatoes once i’ve dug them up or should i leave them in the ground until i need them.

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
The small tomato-like fruits are the seed-carrying berries, highly poisonous, but the seeds can be extracted from ripe fruits and sown next spring for curiosity.

The formation of the berries does not mean digging up the tubers which can be left until the stalks yellow and wither.

Potatoes can be left int he gorund until used although this can be a problem with attacks by slugs underground and having got to lift potatoes in wet condtions.

Storing potatoes can be done in a shed with an earthen or concrete floor or in a pit outdoors made with straw and earth. 

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