Irish trees for the garden

Mary McGann asked 13 years ago
I have a garden space of roughly 50 feet by 40 feet which I would love to fill up with trees (not fruit-producing), as a sort of mini-forest (I don’t want to be cutting grass). This space is about 20 feet from the house, but is beside a concreted area.The features I would like are: native Irish if possible, quick-growing, good cover (from the neighbours), a nice blaze of colour. I’m probably asking for too much, but can you suggest anything?

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
You could plant this area iwth smallish native trees such as birch or hazel with a few hollies and hawthorn mixed in. Plant at about two metres each way, but not in rows, randomized. Use small plants in winter and keep them weed-free for four or five years until they shade out weeds.

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