Is it to late to plant strawberries?

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Muriel Davis asked 15 years ago

I was at the Bloom festival and heard Dermot O’Neill talking about strawberries. He recommended a variety Royal Soverign – I ordered 6 plants of this over the internet and am waiting on their delivery. Now I am wondering1- is it too late to sow them ? 2 – if not, can I grow them plant them in containers as I don’t have a glasshouse or suitable plot.3 – is there any specific compost for strawberries 4- how many can I grow in 18″ round containers?

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Gerry Daly Staff answered 6 years ago
‘Royal Sovereign’ is an old variety of good flavour.  The plants can be planted from pots at any time. They can be grown in pots if there is no ground for them.

When they come out of the packaging they can be prone to scalding in sunlight so place them in shade for a week or so to harden up.

Strawberries like an open soil, well drained with some humus. Mix ordinary garden soil 3 parts to one of good well rotted garden compost or similar.

Three plants would fill an 18″ container next year.