Laurel Hedge Advice

Linda Kelleher asked 12 years ago

I planted over 90meters of Lauel Hedge,they are about 1.5ft high, 3 wks ago,it has rained once since,should I be watering everyday or will they be ok? soil is good- do i need to feed,if so what brand do you recomend? what other tip have you to help grow over the coming months.

1 Answers

Gerry Daly Staff answered 4 years ago
Usually they should be watered well after planting to get water rising in the soil. They will need watering in any spell of dry weather of more than a few days, and once a week unless the weather is very wet, until there is active new growth.

Do not feed until there is new growth, then use tree and shrub fertiliser or any general fertiliser, and make sure to control weeds by hand or by spraying with Roundup, but do not allow Roundup on the laurel plants.

Checkt he plants are not rocked by wind, which can happen to tall plants and can damage them severely at soil level. You may need to provide short stakes to hold them steady at soil level.